Digital DJing Unit – design brief

September 11, 2008

Unit design brief

This unit is intended as an introduction to current DJ practice using digital technologies.  There has been a lot of recent technological innovation in this field which has caused a significant shift away from the traditional, analog, vinyl based systems.  Whilst vinyl will always be around there are now a growing number of DJ’s who work only with digital technologies.

The unit will cover

  • the design and set up of typical simple playback systems
  • typical means for sourcing,formatting and organising material ready for a set
  • putting together a playlist to a given brief
  • setting up and performing a set

The unit is aimed at those who wish to learn the basics of DJing or for DJ’s who wish to extend their expertise or gain certification for existing knowledge.  For many it can also act as a starting point for developing as an electronic musician or producer.  It is intended to complement the VJ unit Visual Playback systems, together the units allow candidates to develop the knowledge and skills to prepare and perform a live Audio Visual set.

Learning outcomes – mostly headings and ideas at the moment – to be clarified

1 Understand hardware

  • Identify components of typical digital audio mixing systems
  • Identify connectors
  • Understand MIDI
  • Correctly assemble a given system design

2 Understand audio

  • Understand audio theory
  • Understand digtal audio editing
  • Understand sample/loop creation


  • Understand beat mapping
  • Cueing – frequency/crossfader/ track volume techniques/harmonic mixing
  • Understand effects – equalisation, gates, and filters
  • Compression and sidechaining

4 Prepare and Play set

  • Set Design
  • Scenes and clips
  • Structure and context
  • Setting up
  • Play



Beat Mapping

Playing live


Harmonic mixing

CD Decks


DJ courses

DJ Tutor

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