Creative Industries LO2 Report Structure

September 17, 2008

Creative Industries: An Introduction : DM0V 34

Outcome 2

Report Structure – suggestion

Choice of vocational area

General statement about type of jobs available where they are, type of contract and so forth.

Employment opportunities should consider both working as –

Employee – working for a business

Self employed/Free lance

even if, say, all your opportunities are in full time employment, make some mention of self employed or free lance opportunities as well.

Detailed summary of range of roles and responsibilities from your research into three jobs. This could include

Range of activities you would carry out.

What you would be responsible for producing or targets that need to be met.

Required skills and knowledge.

Who you would work with and or for.

Also contrast the working conditions between being employed and working as a freelancer. i.e tax, sick pay, holidays etc..

Present it in a creative manner

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