Online Remixing

March 30, 2009

YourSpins is a site that lets you remix existing artists work.  It uses a multitrack mixer where you can adjust volume levels and change instruments or sound effects

On Line audio mixing

March 30, 2009

There are a growing number of sites that let you upload, edit and mix audio samples and then save them for others to hear, a couple of examples are

Jamglue which seems very active at the moment, you need to join to create a mix.

Splice which seems simpler to work but has less users and appears a bit out of date

This Unit is primarily intended to prepare you to enter the Creative Industries workplace as a self-employed practitioner. As a result you will be expected to embrace a range of related vocational knowledge and skills to equip you to enter the world of work. The Unit concentrates on three things:

  • 1. the vocational area you wish to work in
  • 2. the improvement of your personal skills and enterprise initiative
  • 3. your self-promotion


Assessment will be in the form of a practical project where you carry out market research, prepare a simple business plan and develop a self promotion package .  Choose a vocational area within the Creative Industries sector e.g. Advertising, Television, Design, Performing Arts etc. Essentially, it sets the scene in which you may wish to work. As part of your market research you will be expected to investigate the form and types of organisations and enterprises operating in the area. You will examine the types of jobs/work available and the working patterns of employment/ self-employment available. In addition, matters that affect working in the sector such as, legal, regulatory and ethical issues will be considered. The role of trade unions and professional associations will also be discussed. You will be expected to develop enterprise initiative and personal skills by becoming involved in a ‘live’ business set-up project. Within a business context, you should develop personal qualities and interpersonal skills as well as time and record management qualities. You will also be expected to acquire skills in business planning and financial control. Importantly for working in the Creative Industries you need to concentrate on developing your self-promotion and communication skills. You will be expected to consider a tactical strategy for self-promotion that should include improvement in your communication and interpersonal skills. You may be involved in ‘live’ interview and presentation scenarios and the preparation of CV content and promotional material. You will also be encouraged to develop a portfolio / show-reel, integrating Outcome 3 of core Unit, ‘Creative Project’ if appropriate.

Assessment Project Activities

LO 1

Market Research

Investigate the operational features, working patterns and conditions within an elected vocational area of the Creative Industries. The evidence should be consistent and accurate and presented in the form of an illustrated report of 500 words which identifies the types and functions of organisations operating and trading within an elected vocational area and outlines a comprehensive range of employment and self employment opportunities available within that elected vocational area. The report will outline the legal, regulatory and ethical issues that affect working in the elected vocational area and reflect the role of trade unions and professional associations relevant to workers in the elected vocational area.


Business Planning

Create a “My Personal Development Plan”- you need to create a ” My Business” profile for this at Business Gateway

Create a business plan based on the given template.

Complete a 2 year financial forecast based on the given template.


Promotional  Strategy

Develop a tactical strategy for self-promotion within chosen area of creative industry.  This should be “sector specific” and include

Portfolio or show reel

Comprehensive CV

5 minute presentation to a “live” client




Testing & Evaluation

March 18, 2009

Testing, Evaluation & Documentation

A checklist of checklistsLaunching a flawed application onto the market can be a very costly mistake.  Make sure you have got it right, your job and your reputation are at stake! Also, don’t do all this at the end of the project, anticipate problems at the early design stages, its a  lot cheaper and easier to fix them then than towards the end of a project when the design is relatively closed and expensive to change.

Usability testing

What is usability testing?

Usability testing generally involves measuring how well test subjects respond in four areas: time, accuracy, recall, and emotional response. The results of the first test are the baseline or control measurement; all subsequent tests are compared to the baseline.  A typical usability test would cover the following for around five to ten users

Time on Task — How long does it take people to complete basic tasks? (For example, find something to buy, create a new account, and order the item.)
Accuracy — How many mistakes did people make? (And were they fatal or recoverable with the right information?)
Recall — How much does the person remember afterwards?
Emotional Response — How does the person feel about the tasks completed? (Confident? Stressed? Would the user recommend this system to a friend?)
Short article on Practical usability testing
US Gov comprehensive usability resource
Series of tutorials from IBM on design for ease of use

Screen Testing

Each screen of an application should be tested to ensure that it complies with the design and works properly.  A checklist can be used to work through each item.  Below is a typical example which could be adapted to your project

Does the layout match the design?
Do all the buttons work?
Do all the texts, fonts colours and sizes match the original design spec?
Do  text scroll functions or animations work?
Do the non functioning controls grey out when not needed?
Is there a visible continuity between screens?
If there are any applets, SWF’s or other plugins and do they operate correctly?
Has the text been spell checked?
Do video and audio files load quickly enough and play smoothly?

Navigation testing

Is your navigation scheme logical and fully functioning?  A typical test checklist would include

Do all the links within the application work?
Do all the hyperlinks function correctly?
Are there any broken links?
Is there a smooth transition between screens?
Is there consistency between screens?


How many different types of people can use your application without modification?  Is your design inclusive?  Can it be used by as many people as possible regardless of their age, ability or situation?

W3C web accessibility guidelines
RNIB good design advice.  There are two million people with sight problems in the UK. Good design can make websites, information, products, services and buildings accessible to them.
About Inclusive Design at the Design Council


Are there any security issues that have to be covered?

Dancing pigs (warning this link could be insecure, your bank account could be cleared out and all your children be born with tails)


Any multimedia application should be evaluated especially in terms of its fitness for purpose.  Have you met all the requirements of the design brief?  Will you get paid?  Some contracts require the developer to produce an evaluative report prior to product launch.

Does the application do what it is intended to do?
Has the designer designed the best solution for the problem?
Does the application work in an efficient manner?
Is the application robust?
Is the application easily maintained?
Has a technical and user guide been provided?


People need to know how to use your application and that it will work on their machine.  Do not assume they will know what to do or have any technical knowledge.  If they can find a way to break it they will!

Instructions – “……….press any key”
User – ” Where’s the any key………?”

You will need to establish the platform and lowest specification that will play your application.  A typical specification would include

Operating system
Clock speed of CPU
Hard drive space
Optical drive type
Sound card  configuration
Video card configuration
Screen resolution
Internet access

Instructions for using the application and sources of support also need to be included.  For example

Insert into DVD drive
If auto run does not work navigate to “game” folder
Left double click on game icon
How to write instructions for busy, grouchy people.


Is it all your own work? Any multimedia application must take into account the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act. The creator of a multimedia application must ensure that all appropriate licences and permissions have been obtained for their particular purposes.

General copyright issues
ver 12/5/6 cb

Joint Evaluation process

March 18, 2009


Project Brief

For the age range of around 16 to 25 compare and contrast what it like is to live  in the following places




New York


As a group produce a video of around 3 to 5 minutes long based on the theme of living or surviving in a modern urban environment.    The content can be based on audio visual material found on the Web and could also use material you have created.  The style and format are your choice along with the target audience.  The video has to be completed by 19th May.  Each person in the group should produce their own version of the video.

Media Production Checklist 1 – Planning & Research


As a group produce a video of around 3 to 5 minutes long based on the theme of living or surviving in a modern urban environment.    The content can be based on audio visual material found on the Web and could also use material you have created.  The style and format are your choice along with the target audience.  The video has to be completed by 19th May.  Each person in the group should produce their own version of the video.

Planning Stage

What contribution have you made in terms of

Discussing what your group could use as a theme based on the given brief

Planning how you would do the work

Scripting or designing the format of your video

Carrying out research.

Creating or getting hold of material to use in your project.

Give 3 or 4 examples for each item.

What theme did your group choose? – Give a brief description

Who is your video aimed – target audience?

What style or format is your video based on?

How did you decide on what content to use?

What constraints have you had to work within?

What resources have you used?  – Hardware and software

What tasks were allocated within the members of your group?

Do you have a storyboard and or a script that sets out the format and ideas you have worked with in your video?

Rhythm Basics

March 16, 2009

Try this site for an explanation of rhythm and tempo

Music Catch

March 9, 2009

Nice game, whats your highest score?

Check out the other music games on kongregate