Video Editing Activities

January 28, 2010

For this unit you will carry out the following set of activities for your assessment.

Video Theory

  • Multiple choice questions

Basic camera work

  • Load tape
  • Mount on tripod
  • Set white balance manually
  • Frame shot using Rule of thirds
  • 3 Shot types – Long shot, close up etc
  • Capture video to Adobe Premier on PC using Firewire

Basic Editing Techniques

Video project

Project ideas

Carry out all work in a safe manner and acknowledge any copyright issues related to media created by other people.

Audio Editing Activities

January 26, 2010

For this unit you will cover the following for your assessment

Audio Theory

  • multiple choice questions

Basic Recording & Editing

  • Record and edit 5 audio clips

Manipulation Audio clips

  • fade in and out
  • normalise
  • compress
  • Equalise
  • mix multiple track levels
  • Reverb
  • Chorus
  • Flange

Audio Pictures

  • Re-create the sounds that you would hear for given images.

Video Soundtrack

  • Create a soundtrack for a given silent piece of video.

All your audio files need to be kept safe in a project folder.

Regularly make notes about what you are doing and the theory you will cover.

Write a short evaluation of your work for this unit.

This will all be supported by short theory lectures and practice exercises.

Game Design Brief

January 25, 2010

Platform game aimed at 6 to 12 year olds.

Chase/ strategy similar to Pacman

Create 1 or 2 levels to hi-fi prototype stage.

Visually appealling to this age group.

Game play should be within their cognitive abilities.

Create suitable soundtrack and sound FX.

Develop a single level to HiFi prototype stage so you can carry out usability tests and final sets of evaluations before committing to final design for production.

Produce a short written report covering

The two methods of testing you propose to use on your final version of your site.  I.e:-

  • Usabilty
  • Functionality

Justfy your choice.

The results of your testing.

Your evaluation of the results.

Site Evaluation: Layout

January 6, 2010

Evaluate the layout of three websites in terms of

  • Visual heirarchy
  • Balance
  • White Space
  • Unity
  • Grids

Site Evaluation: Typography

January 6, 2010

Evaluate the use of typography for three websites in terms of aspects such as

  • Typeface.
  • Typographic contrast & flow
  • Kerning
  • Leading

Site Evaluation: Colour

January 6, 2010

Analyse 3 websites of your choice and describe the how the colour pallete is  used in terms of;

  • Colour wheel relationships
  • Hue, brightness & saturation
  • Mood and meaning
  • Contrast and dimension