Beach Walk Audio Picture

February 18, 2010

Create an audio piece, 2 to 3 minutes long, based on a couple walking their dog along a beach during a storm.  This should give you lots of scope to create a believable  audio environment.  Build your soundtrack up using layers such as

  • Footsteps
  • Waves
  • Rain
  • Storm – thunder and lightning
  • Dog

Plus any other effects tracks that you think will help recreate the scene in the listeners imagination.

Mix all the tracks down to a stereo master

Pay attention to the different levels of each track and aim for a mix that gives a balance between them all that is clear and without distortion.


Sound Board – influences

February 17, 2010

To help with sound design ideas for your game, try listening to the games that you said influenced you as part of your mood board presentation.

Speed runs of most games are available.

Try tracking down a video example on youTube

You could also try


Below are your activity plan and my teaching plan.

Student activity plan for this semester

Outline plan for taught classes for this semester

This is a general summary of the important relationships at the heart of a design and development project.

This is the recommended set of documents that you need as evidence for the Dignans website, design and build, project, covering the following units

  • Interactive Media ; Planning
  • User Interface Design

Your portfolio of evidence should include

  • Interpretation of brief
  • PACT analysis
  • Scenario of use
  • A statement of purpose summary
  • Functional Requirements
  • Non Functional Requirements
  • Style Board
  • Style Board evaluation
  • Navigation Map
  • Evaluation of 3 similar websites with specific mention of typography, colour and layout
  • Lo Fi prototype evaluation
  • Hi Fi prototype evaluation
  • Finished website evaluation strategy
  • Finished website usability evaluation
  • Finished website functionality test
  • Finished website W3C validation
  • UID multiple choice test sheet

Some variation on this will be acceptable but needs to be discussed with me. For example, if you fail the multiple choice assessment your re -assessment will be based on an extended response to the 3 website evaluations, which makes greater use of relevant conceptual terms covering typography, colour and layout.

There is also an exemplar of student work available to get a feel for range and quality of work required.


Sound Production

February 4, 2010

Research guide for live sport coursework

Mic placement discussion

Clarec podcast

Plus look at the major mic manufacturer sites for their ideas for mic applications


As part of the intial design process you need to produce

  • Your interpretation of the design brief
  • PACT analysis
  • Mood board
  • Style board
  • Sound Boards


The PACT analysis should consider relevant aspects of the child users such as  their, abilities, worldview and lifestyle.

The Mood Board should give a first impression of the look and feel that you are aiming for in your game design.

The Style Board is your initial design ideas for the visual features of your game.

The Sound Boards can follow the same approach as the visual boards, one be examples of the type of sounds you want, based initially, on sounds from other games, and then a second would  include the sounds you have designed specifically for your game.


The work on your Sound Boards could also be used for evidence in the Audio element of your audio visual project


Tile Based Games

February 3, 2010

Excellent tutorial by TONYPA, that you can download and re-use the code.

It is basic but still seems to work is CS3 so should be Ok for protoyping.

This exercise is all about using Adobe Audition to manipulate  music samples in the multitrack.  It covers

  • Creating project folder
  • Creating a session file
  • Importing clips
  • Creating a basic 3 track arrangement lasting around 2 minutes
  • Looping clips
  • Panning two tracks
  • Fading tracks in and out
  • Adding reverb effect
  • Adding chorus effect
  • Adjusting audio levels for a final mix
  • Mixing down to a final master
  • Adding compression and equalisation to the master
  • Saving final mix as a wav file