Combined Project Documentation

February 4, 2010

This is the recommended set of documents that you need as evidence for the Dignans website, design and build, project, covering the following units

  • Interactive Media ; Planning
  • User Interface Design

Your portfolio of evidence should include

  • Interpretation of brief
  • PACT analysis
  • Scenario of use
  • A statement of purpose summary
  • Functional Requirements
  • Non Functional Requirements
  • Style Board
  • Style Board evaluation
  • Navigation Map
  • Evaluation of 3 similar websites with specific mention of typography, colour and layout
  • Lo Fi prototype evaluation
  • Hi Fi prototype evaluation
  • Finished website evaluation strategy
  • Finished website usability evaluation
  • Finished website functionality test
  • Finished website W3C validation
  • UID multiple choice test sheet

Some variation on this will be acceptable but needs to be discussed with me. For example, if you fail the multiple choice assessment your re -assessment will be based on an extended response to the 3 website evaluations, which makes greater use of relevant conceptual terms covering typography, colour and layout.

There is also an exemplar of student work available to get a feel for range and quality of work required.


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