Utopia 1

June 21, 2010

Outline for a Level 5  or 6 Brief

This is a more literal interpretation of the original idea which should help this level of student  focus on basic techniques.

Digital Landscape

Create a short video sequence of a digitally created landscape lasting 90 to 120 seconds long.

The landscape can contain

  • Trees
  • Ferns
  • Grass
  • Birds or insects
  • Water
  • Flowers
  • Fire

These elements  can be created using an appropriate generative software application, captured using a screen cam and then put together in a video editing package  to create an abstract version of a landscape.

Additionally include for a couple of real world elements that you have shot on camera such as sky or people.


Some interesting, related ideas for digital landscapes

Le temps passe

Trees and ferns


  • Created using Affine Transformation Fractals
  • Geometric  transformation and self-similarity
  • Bifurcation

Software: VVVV, Fractint


Fractal tree animation

Lost in a Forest

Trees in the wind

Cherry Blossom



  • From particle modelling techniques for dust and explosions effects in games and movies

Software: Particle Illusion


See page 3 “meadows” example in effects examples of Particle Illusion home page

Scruch – Flower generator

Birds & Insects


  • Modelling flocking behaviour of animals.

Software: Boids, Processing


Java Boids Simulator – also a good example of idea behind this brief

Simple 3D bird – Processing

Flock of birds – Processing


Investigate the software and try changing some simple settings to see how they change the visual output.

Once you have something you like capture it using a screen cam, or output to a video file, depends on the package you are using.

Learn some basic AV editing techniques to put it all together.

Create  a couple of natural elements shot on camera.

Create a library of video clips to be edited in Premier Pro.

Combine them to create a landscape using green screen, matte techniques.

Source or record  audio clips to create a sound track of environmental noises that may be heard in your landscape….note this part will count towards your audio unit.

Export from Premier as a finalised movie


Linked units?

Audio Editing


Utopia Installation  Portfolio – a project covering design and construction of an installation for the public to experience their Utopia projects.  Basic components; dark room; projectors; screens; speakers.

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