Video Art Development

August 19, 2010

HNC Video for Artists

Look at the history of video art and early experimental film makers.



Video Art by Michael Rush
Diverse Practices: A Critical Reader on British Video Art, edited by Julia Knight, published by The Arts Council of England and John Libbey Media, University of Luton, 1996. A chronology of events in the first two decades of british video art.


Interview with Sean Cubitt  – British video art from the 1970’s

Nam June Paik retrospective at Rhizome

Video art at the Tate

MOMA definition of the term Video Art


Loop Barcelona

VAD video art database

A collection of Video Art works and interviews from around the internet.

Video Arts, Famous Video Artists, Video Art Websites

Channel for new video art

Electronic Arts Intermix video art resource


Bill Viola


Video Art – covers or is part of the following general areas

  • Single channel – video shown on a single screen
  • Installation – environmental and/or combination of everything else
  • VJ – live visual performances with music
  • Video performance artist
  • Digital Art
  • Experimental TV and film

Introduce time as an important new dimension for artists to work with.

Also a mixed media where visuals and sound are both employed.

Project work based on

  • Time?
  • Cameraless techniques?


  • Stop motion
  • Timelapse
  • Forwards backwards
  • Non linear

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