This is a general summary of the important relationships at the heart of a design and development project.

This Unit is primarily intended to prepare you to enter the Creative Industries workplace as a self-employed practitioner. As a result you will be expected to embrace a range of related vocational knowledge and skills to equip you to enter the world of work. The Unit concentrates on three things:

  • 1. the vocational area you wish to work in
  • 2. the improvement of your personal skills and enterprise initiative
  • 3. your self-promotion


Assessment will be in the form of a practical project where you carry out market research, prepare a simple business plan and develop a self promotion package .  Choose a vocational area within the Creative Industries sector e.g. Advertising, Television, Design, Performing Arts etc. Essentially, it sets the scene in which you may wish to work. As part of your market research you will be expected to investigate the form and types of organisations and enterprises operating in the area. You will examine the types of jobs/work available and the working patterns of employment/ self-employment available. In addition, matters that affect working in the sector such as, legal, regulatory and ethical issues will be considered. The role of trade unions and professional associations will also be discussed. You will be expected to develop enterprise initiative and personal skills by becoming involved in a ‘live’ business set-up project. Within a business context, you should develop personal qualities and interpersonal skills as well as time and record management qualities. You will also be expected to acquire skills in business planning and financial control. Importantly for working in the Creative Industries you need to concentrate on developing your self-promotion and communication skills. You will be expected to consider a tactical strategy for self-promotion that should include improvement in your communication and interpersonal skills. You may be involved in ‘live’ interview and presentation scenarios and the preparation of CV content and promotional material. You will also be encouraged to develop a portfolio / show-reel, integrating Outcome 3 of core Unit, ‘Creative Project’ if appropriate.

Assessment Project Activities

LO 1

Market Research

Investigate the operational features, working patterns and conditions within an elected vocational area of the Creative Industries. The evidence should be consistent and accurate and presented in the form of an illustrated report of 500 words which identifies the types and functions of organisations operating and trading within an elected vocational area and outlines a comprehensive range of employment and self employment opportunities available within that elected vocational area. The report will outline the legal, regulatory and ethical issues that affect working in the elected vocational area and reflect the role of trade unions and professional associations relevant to workers in the elected vocational area.


Business Planning

Create a “My Personal Development Plan”- you need to create a ” My Business” profile for this at Business Gateway

Create a business plan based on the given template.

Complete a 2 year financial forecast based on the given template.


Promotional  Strategy

Develop a tactical strategy for self-promotion within chosen area of creative industry.  This should be “sector specific” and include

Portfolio or show reel

Comprehensive CV

5 minute presentation to a “live” client



Legal Structures

February 19, 2009

Useful summary of the different types of business you can set up.  Covers everything from Sole Trader to Limited Liability and more.

Choosing and Setting up a legal structure for your business