The Digital Process

May 11, 2010

Schematic view of working with digital Audio Visual material.  Think of it in terms of hardware, software and techniques

This is a general summary of the important relationships at the heart of a design and development project.

Video Editing Activities

January 28, 2010

For this unit you will carry out the following set of activities for your assessment.

Video Theory

  • Multiple choice questions

Basic camera work

  • Load tape
  • Mount on tripod
  • Set white balance manually
  • Frame shot using Rule of thirds
  • 3 Shot types – Long shot, close up etc
  • Capture video to Adobe Premier on PC using Firewire

Basic Editing Techniques

Video project

Project ideas

Carry out all work in a safe manner and acknowledge any copyright issues related to media created by other people.

Site Evaluation: Layout

January 6, 2010

Evaluate the layout of three websites in terms of

  • Visual heirarchy
  • Balance
  • White Space
  • Unity
  • Grids

Site Evaluation: Typography

January 6, 2010

Evaluate the use of typography for three websites in terms of aspects such as

  • Typeface.
  • Typographic contrast & flow
  • Kerning
  • Leading

Evaluation Template.

Use this to generate ideas for your evaluative report.

DMC2 Planning

November 26, 2009

Planning aid for S1 audio visual projects for Digital Media Computing level 5

College Life Project

November 26, 2009

Audio visual project brief  for HN Unit Audio & Video 1 DF66 34

Camerawork – still images 1

November 26, 2009

Take 8 shots using a still image camera.

They have to demonstrate the following techniques

3 images showing examples of the Rule of thirds

3 – Images showing use of framing – ie close up; medium close up ; long shot.

2 – Angled shots – ie high angle, low angle, dutch tilt.

Size the images to have a maximum width of 800 pixels

Put the images into a presentation demonstrating the different techniques you have used.

The object of this exercise is to concentrate on the audio layers within a movie. To do this you are going to work with some still images and imagine the sounds that you would hear within the scene. In this case use three cards from the Mars Attacks bubblegum card set.

Pick card scenes that are going to allow you a lot of scope to create a densely layered soundtrack. Remember there are three basic layers in a soundtrack

Sound Effects

Insert your choice of cards into a word document and write about what you think would be heard within the scene. This becomes your plan for sourcing and editing your audio sample files

As usual, create a project folder to keep all your files in and then create a project in Premier Pro. Create three scenes on the timeline each lasting approximately 20 seconds. Include titles and credits. Export your final movie in DV AVI format.