Video Editing Activities

January 28, 2010

For this unit you will carry out the following set of activities for your assessment.

Video Theory

  • Multiple choice questions

Basic camera work

  • Load tape
  • Mount on tripod
  • Set white balance manually
  • Frame shot using Rule of thirds
  • 3 Shot types – Long shot, close up etc
  • Capture video to Adobe Premier on PC using Firewire

Basic Editing Techniques

Video project

Project ideas

Carry out all work in a safe manner and acknowledge any copyright issues related to media created by other people.

Evaluation Template.

Use this to generate ideas for your evaluative report.

College Life Project

November 26, 2009

Audio visual project brief  for HN Unit Audio & Video 1 DF66 34

Zoom Movie Project

September 29, 2009

Zoom into the College from outer space.

Base your ideas on the Powers of 10 movie.

Do some research and have a look at other similar examples.

Example 1

Example 2 using Google Earth

Example 3 From Quark to outer space

Use images or videos from online sources along with some video you have shot.

Your video needs to follow standard shot types ie long shot, medium close up , close up and so forth.

Check out my camera shots post

Include appropriate sound effects for each level of zoom.

How you end the movie is up to you.

Video Theme Development

February 25, 2009

Design and development process for the Urban Survival video project.


Kuleshov Effect

October 23, 2008

Montage experiment carried out by Russian filmmaker Lev Kuleshov in 1921 where the viewer creates meaning from the relationship between different shots




Editing exercise

You are going to create your own version based on Kuleshov’s original work.

Edit your copy of Kuleshov’s original film and cut it with excerpts from a video of your choice.

The SMPTE edit points for the Kuleshov film are

Edit 1

In point – 00 00 11 10

Out point – 00 00 16 23

Edit 2

In point – 00 00 23 09

Out point – 00 00 29 06

Edit 3

In point – 00 00 33 15

Out point – 00 00 38 10

Edit 4

In point – 00 00  41 10

Out point – 00 00 47 01

This should give you 4 clips to work with on the timeline.  Mix in edited sections from the movie you have chosen.

Add your own choice of music and or sound effects.

Give it a title , export it in standard DV format to give to me and transcode it for upload to unclegeorgeTV

Video for Artists

September 18, 2008

Digital Video for Artists & Designers

DX34 35

Project work

  1. Dis-information film editing exercise 1
  2. Dis-information film editing exercise 2
  3. Visual Montage exercise 1
  4. Audio montage – (Jaws) Beach walk exercise
  5. Continuity editing exercise 1
  6. Final project – Dunfermline Press


Continuity editing

Hitchcock – Rope

Soviet Montage Theory

Dunfermline Press

Continuity editing

Montage editing

Visual Montage exercise 1

September 10, 2008

Create 90 second visual edits based on the following using found material

  • Metric Montage
  • Rythmic Montage
  • Intellectual Montage

Use music tracks of your choice.

Add titles and credits including type of montage and your name.

Export in DV format and transcode to FLV suitable for web.

Adding transitions

Go back to the sequence you created for exercise 1

Arrange the clips on two video tracks so they overlap

Experiment with different transitions including ramped opacity.

Create title and end credits.

Export in DV format.

Transcode to FLV 500 by 400 pixels suitable for upload to youTube.

Basic editing using given material.

Create a 60 to 90 second movie based on clips edited from the given public information films.

Remove the original sound.

Add in your own soundtrack.

Create a title and end credits including your name.

Export in DV format.

Transcode to FLV 500 by 400 pixels suitable for upload to youTube.