This exercise is all about using Adobe Audition to manipulate  music samples in the multitrack.  It covers

  • Creating project folder
  • Creating a session file
  • Importing clips
  • Creating a basic 3 track arrangement lasting around 2 minutes
  • Looping clips
  • Panning two tracks
  • Fading tracks in and out
  • Adding reverb effect
  • Adding chorus effect
  • Adjusting audio levels for a final mix
  • Mixing down to a final master
  • Adding compression and equalisation to the master
  • Saving final mix as a wav file


Analog Box Synthesizer

September 25, 2008

Analog Box is a freeware, circuit based, modular software synthesizer. You put sound objects on the screen, connect them together, listen and adjust.

Visit Andy’s ABox site

Fourier Series Applet

September 25, 2008

Falstad’s applet gives a practical demonstration of application of harmonic analysis

Wikipedia article on Fourier Series

FM Synthesis

September 24, 2008